~ 20th week ~

02 February 2007

20th week

today, we had another doctor appointment, as it comes every 4 weeks. on this 20th week, we went to a different doctor, who’s supposedly an expert in ultrasound scan. the scanning took longer and was much more detailed. then, the result was collected by my regular OB. too bad we didn’t get a the photo since my OB kept all of them, but my girl does look much bigger than four weeks ago.

and, yes, it’s definitely a girl. as usual, she moved a whole lot during the ultrasound session.

currently, she’s about 16cm tall from head to butt. she has ten fingers on her hands and ten toes on her feet. we could see her face; her eyes were closed, her little nose was there, and we could see her upper and lower lips. they look normal, no cleft. her brain is symmetrical. her spine looks good and in its place. her heart has four chambers, as how it is supposed to, and it beats fast, the way unborn babies should.

hearing the doctor say those stuff makes ari and i happy.

as you can see from the photo above, i obviously look pregnant. by this time, none of my pants, including jeans, fit me. all of them, but one, can’t even pass my hip. they’re sorta stuck on my expanding upper thighs. and there is no way they can go over my butt. there is one pair of jeans i can zip on, but i can’t button it up. right now, there are only two pants i can wear. one is a drawstring pair, the other one is a stretched pair. i just bought those a month ago.

so, today, after the doctor’s appointment, i went and bought two more drawstring pants.

~ comment (4) ~

hiyaaaaa…. expanding front and back yaaa… i can see it clearly… hihihi! well.. namanya juga hamil…

cynthia | 4 February 2007 - 03:19 | reply

no no no, in this picture, the backside expansion is not very clear at all! kalo liat benerannya, wadooooh, gila! gede banget! lebih gede dari perutnya! celana2 gue bukannya mentok di perut, tapi ga bisa lewat dari pantat (dan paha, yang juga membesar).

yah, kata dokter sih, bengkak gara2 hormon… moga2 ntar kalo udah melahirkan, pada menciut lagi… *cross fingers*.

thalia | 4 February 2007 - 08:44 | reply

heheh jadi malu, perut gw sekarang lebih besar daripada elo yang hamil 20 minggu :D

yanti | 7 February 2007 - 11:23 | reply

haha, ya engga lah, yan. ini kan fotonya di crop… jadi keliatan lebih fotojenik. lah. kalo liat yang benernya, gue *gede* kok.

thalia | 7 February 2007 - 04:45 | reply