~ Melaka day 1 ~

28 December 2006
melaka day 1

wow, i woke up early today: 5:3AM! that’s not my regular schedule. after tons of saying good bye to Koda, we left the house at 7AM and took a bus from Queens Street Station in Singapore to Melaka Bus Station.

the trip took about 4.5 hours in total. the bus didn’t go through Woodlands, so this is our first time passing through Tuas, the check point to Malaysia. it was much less crowded and much more clean. i think i like this check point better…

after the check point, the view was pretty boring because all we see is just stretch of highway. i pretty much spent our time in the bus sleeping and woke up when the bus made a stop at Melaka exit, and that was only half an hour away from the bus station.

we were picked up by mr. Malik and drove to our hotel. after we settled ourselves in the room, we immediately went out and find something to eat on the riverside. soooo hungry!

ari’s mom and i started to snap pictures here and there. more pictures taken when we took our walk at Jonker Street. so many cute stores and restaurants! unlike our first visit to Melaka, we actually have time to walk into and look around those stores.

we also stopped by the Cheng Hoon Teng temple. not long after the temple, we split up… ari’s parents continue to walk around, while ari and i headed back to the hotel. i was exhausted! it’s pretty embarrassing to say that my endurance is beaten by a 60-year-old couple, but i keep using my pregnancy as the reason to be tired (and to make myself feel better), hee hee.

melaka day 1

after a few hours of sleep, we woke up hungry. so we met up with ari’s parents and have dinner at… umm, Harper’s? i don’t remember the name, but it’s the restaurant on the other side of the river. the building was nice, as it resides right on the riverside. the food was not bad… as usual, i couldn’t eat as much as i would like to, thanks to the little guy in the tummy.

after dinner, we walked around the center city briefly, then headed back to the hotel. i got an sms from Bond, telling me that Koda refused to go to the bathroom… oops. she always does that during rainy days… bad bad. after hanging out on the pool side, we went back to our room and rest… my legs were killing me!

photo album: is in flickr Melaka 2006 set.

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the collage is beautiful! (as usual)

wiffygal | 10 January 2007 - 01:00 | reply

thank you! :)

thalia | 11 January 2007 - 11:54 | reply