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16 December 2006
powerhouse opening

in this past week, there has been so many openings… new stores, new clubs, etc.

we went to two of them. the first one — on Wednesday night — was the GAP flagship store in Wisma Atria, which was pretty cool. the location was superb… i think it was my first time going to a store opening in Singapore.

the second one, which is on Thursday night, is Powerhouse opening, a new club in St James Power Station. we came really late, but we got to see this:

powerhouse opening

there was this stunt of three people hanging by two columns of fabric doing all kinds of twist and turn in the air. neat. just like the Gap opening, the place was very crowded. we didn’t stay long, because my stomach started to feel funny. it might be the club’s super loud music that keeps shaking my guts… but i couldn’t keep up with it. maybe that’s why i don’t see pregnant people go clubbing…

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Hey… temen gue yang mau pindah ke Singapore dari Glasgow, does that ribbon-acrobat-gymnastics thing that you described above… He and his wife are supercool!

yasmina | 18 December 2006 - 07:38 | reply

o really? that’s neat! is that their full-time job?

thalia | 19 December 2006 - 11:56 | reply