~ koda and elliot ~

12 December 2006

yesterday, ari got home with a little Elliot from Open Season, courtesy of Burger King Kids Meal. and, of course, the little guy ends up as our toy to tease Koda.

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last night, Koda was a lot more excited and curious than today. she would jump alongside the toy. she kept sniffing the toy’s nose and, ehm, butt. unfortunately, last night was too dark to film… i was hoping that she would be as excited as last night. too bad, she seems to get used to Elliot and no longer finding him exciting to play with. ah well…

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hahahha! lucu! I have a big fat lazy cat… meowing most of the time asking for tummy rub.

cynthia | 14 December 2006 - 02:39 | reply