~ amazing race asia ~

09 November 2006

today is the premiere of The Amazing Race Asia. i think i’m hooked. and i was surprised that the Indonesian Team did so well… i totally under-estimated them.

a few months ago, ari and i was going to apply, but we chickened out. then noushka and i thought about joining, and again, we chickened out… ah well.

now, about the pregnancy…

i got another hormone shot again today. starting last week, the skin on my butt start to swell up and itching after every shot and the swelling lasts for about 5 days, which is very annoying. good thing that i have two butt cheeks. that way, i can alternate while waiting for the swelling to go down.

other than the loss of appetite, i’ve been feeling lethargic lately. is it normal?

~ comment (2) ~

Completely normal. If you ask me that is. I’ve went through and go through still some days where I want to do nothing but sleep (this has hit me more second trimester than it did in the first) and I’ve no interest in eating at all. And then other days it’s the complete opposite.

Usually by the time your near 12 weeks, things start leveling out and you start to feel a bit normalish. heh but don’t be alarmed if it still lingers.

Sucks but … after a few months (well almost a year but you know) it’s worth it. Obviously.

Wait til baby starts moving!!

manda | 10 November 2006 - 10:32 | reply

ahh, good to hear that i’m not the only one feeling like this. i soooo can’t wait for the 12th week. the doctor, the books, and you are telling me that i’d feel more normal after the first trimester.

thalia | 10 November 2006 - 10:38 | reply