~ Vox QotD: Nice Save ~

10 September 2006
If you could only save one thing in a house fire (thing, not person), what would it be and why?
- From Vox. Submitted by donnunn.

ah, this is a no-brainer, since it has happened once before…

about two years ago, i was sleeping in my parents’ house in Jakarta. everything was dark since we had a blackout that spanned across the neighborhood. around 8 or 9 in the evening, the servants started banging on the door and screaming… “wake up! WAKE UP! FIRE! we need to GET OUT! FIRE!!!”

i, half-asleep, instinctively grabbed my pandas, opened the door and ran out of the house…


i know there are three of them, but i can’t choose. besides they always sits next to each other and they can easily be carried together. why the pandas? people who know me well would know that i’m extremely attached to my pandas… security blanket, i guess?

i don’t know if it is the right choice of things to save, but i acted on instinct. so, if it was to happen again (which hopefully not ever), i probably would do the same thing.

anyways, after we got outside, we found out that there was a fire at my neighbor’s house, right next to our house. the fire took life of a 14-year-old boy who were sleeping in that room. due to the blackout, everyone had their candles lit. his fell onto his bed….