~ meet bun ~

24 March 2006

meet bun. a very tiny bun. she’s smaller than my thumb’s nail, and supposedly, i have a very small hands and fingers.

no, no… i didn’t make her — although i wish i did. i bought her from a little shop on the way to Dazaifu Shrine during our trip to Japan. she’s currently falls into one of my prized possessions. she keeps me company when i do my crochet.

i think she is the smallest fabric bunny i’ve ever seen. she is made out of kimono fabric. i, ehm, squealed when i saw bun… i thought, “how could anyone sew something this small?”… but then, when i went to pay for bun, i saw that the old lady in the shop was sewing another light green little rabbit. what a skill! what a patience! what an eye sight!

someday, i would like to be able to sew like the old lady in that shop.


~ comment (18) ~

wah…kecil banget ya….telaten banget yang bikin. Ayo coba bikin ….kutunggu hasil karyamu yang terbaru yah…. :D

pimpi | 24 March 2006 - 12:01 | reply

hahaha… kalo yang kayak gini sih, masih ga tau kapan bikinnya! kayaknya ga bakalan pernah se-skilled ini deh jaitan gue :P

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:18 | reply

1st thing came into my head… how on earth did they do it?? with magnifying glass?? :D

'ka | 24 March 2006 - 01:08 | reply

i know, right? ama pake pinset…

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:19 | reply

aneh… gambarnya ga muncul, yang ada warning “stealing bandwidth” dari avocadolite :( i have to see the pic from flickr…

yasmina | 24 March 2006 - 05:00 | reply

hmm, emang suka gitu tuh kalo lagi ada yang stealing bandwith. tapi sekarang kayaknya udah baek lagi tuh.

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:20 | reply

I love bun!

Noo | 24 March 2006 - 08:44 | reply

me too! me too! ^^

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:20 | reply

wow, that is so very cute! now i want one too.

reesie | 24 March 2006 - 09:31 | reply

hee, i almost bought all 6 that available in the store… but didn’t have enough money :P

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:28 | reply

duh thal…lutuwww bangettt…so cutteeee…anything from ur farm is so dammmn cute and adorable. u made me want to make one of those. any suggestion on how i should start? since gue di jkt gitu loh….no ideas banget how to start or get the materials. pengen deh gueee…i envy your collection banget neh hehe….

velas | 24 March 2006 - 10:00 | reply

eeeh, yang ini bukan gue yang bikin! ini sih gue beli.

klao mo bikin crochet toys gitu sih, di jakarta malah banyak banget bahannya (ampe gue nitip ama temen gue yang mo kesini). acrylic yarn is the best kalo mo bikin gituan. di miki moto (kalo ngga salah itu deh nama tokonya) ada banyak warna dan thickness…

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:30 | reply

Bun is the cutest thing!!!!!!!

Megan | 24 March 2006 - 10:21 | reply

i knoooow! i wish i could make something like that!

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:32 | reply

waaahhh! tiny ya? if its mine… pasti ilang… nggak sampe 1 hari… hihihi!

cynthia | 24 March 2006 - 10:47 | reply

iya, keciiil banget. ampe suka takut ketelen ama anjing gue… hehehe.

thalia | 25 March 2006 - 12:33 | reply

hi bun, you’re so tiny!

hanindyo | 28 March 2006 - 06:00 | reply

hehehe, i think her name would be tinybun. ^^

thalia | 28 March 2006 - 11:59 | reply