~ sick + koda’s first fight ~

28 February 2006

wow, four days of no entry… i’ve been sick for the past few days. it’s still the same illness that struck me over a week ago. so, for about two weeks, i had sore throat and heavy cough.

this past weekend, other than being sick, ari’s sisters — Nia and Jessi — came to visit. so, of course, i spent most of my time either sleeping or being with them.

anyways, what’s new?

well, koda had her first fight today. and, well, she lost. we were out walking her when one of our neighbors called on us for the usual chit chat. she was out throwing her garbage and left her front gate opened slightly… that’s where her little dog, a 12-year old male mini schnauzer, ran out of the gate opening and went straight to Koda. with no hesitation, he jumped on to koda and started to bite her.

koda, who is a dog that doesn’t know the meaning of a fight, thought they were playing. initally she jumped in joy. but after about 20 seconds, it looks like she started to get annoyed.

you see, the little schnauzer is practically only half of koda’s size…. small, but very ambitious and quite vicious. so, it’s good that even though koda doesn’t know how to fight, she was at least a lot larger than the attacker.

ari and i were about to kick the little dog… our neighbor frantically trying to grab on her schnauzer. when she finally did, koda got away with small (no blood) cut on her snout. all the other bite attempts didn’t do much on koda’s body…


she is now sleeping early. i guess she is exhausted from her new experience.

~ comment (2) ~

wow, it’s time to enrol Koda to dog martial arts class

Rani | 1 March 2006 - 02:08 | reply

hehehe, we’re thinking about that… but we think she just doesn’t have “it” in her.

thalia | 2 March 2006 - 12:34 | reply