~ new phone! ~

22 February 2006

i got a new phone yesterday! it’s the Sony Ericsson Z520i :)

my new phone!

my old phone, which especially durable, is still working fine. after three years with the old phone, i had a sudden urge of owning a white phone.

my new phone

and, of course, i had to make a quick phone cozy for it :) i also took most of my phone dangler down until i can clean them up… they’ve gotten very dirty. so, the two left are:

the smaller pink thing in the middle is a mentaiko figurine from Fukuoka… i thought that the idea that mentaiko in a figurine shape is hilarious.

the large pink bloody paw is Gloomy Bear’s paw… for good luck? it’s certainly my current favorite :)

~ comment (2) ~

Ooh… I always loved SEs… Makenya enak ngga Thal?

Bellamy | 23 February 2006 - 12:28 | reply

hehe, gue sih agak SE fanatics. blum pernah punya telpon selain SE setelah gue balik dari amrik.

IMHO, enak banget. tombolnya gampang dipencet. spacingnya pas buat sms-an. dan gue emang suka ama interfacenya SE.

complain gue ada satu! button camera, yang terletak di sisi luar sebelah kiri seriiiiing banget accidentally kepencet. tombolnya sensitive bange, jadi suka ga sengaja kepencet. saking sensitifnya, i found many acidental pictures in the phone folder that i don’t even remember taking.

thalia | 23 February 2006 - 06:45 | reply