~ fearless ~

19 February 2006

since i felt better and had less headache and chill today, ari and i decided to spend our Sunday in the movie theater. we were going to catch Sayuri (or Memoirs of a Geisha) but the tickets were sold out. so, we went to see Fearless (or Huo Yuan Jia).


maybe we didn’t have high expectation, but we thought the movie was much better than we expected. Fearless has been advertised as Jet Li’s last wushu movie. that advertising alone made the movie goes into our must-watch list. Jet Li’s last wushu movie! of course we have to watch it.

the movie is based on a real-life historical Chinese hero. so you can expect that this movie has the usual Jet Li’s wushu movies storyline… if you’ve seen all the Wong Fei Hung and Fok Sai Yuk movies, this movie is pretty much has that kind of straight forward and predictable storyline.

what i like about the movie is that it touches my heart… i know, it sounds cheesy, but it really did. older wushu movies usually are so roughly made that the character growth couldn’t pass through the cheesy script. this one actually could. the acting was good. the camera works brought the movie more into life. the fight choreography was great, as we expected from all Jet Li’s movies. don’t expect those flying-around and artsy martial art movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon stuff. this one is traditional Chinese martial art movie. the choreography is harder, faster and much less flowy… and i like that, too :)

even though it’s typical of traditional wushu movie, we like the “message” of Fearless. we like it so much that we kept talking about it over and over again after the movie, while waiting for the rain to calm down.

~ comment (2) ~

Gw nggak sempet nonton di bioskop, nyesel juga, banyak yg bilang keren, kalo elo suka crouching dan hero, elo pasti suka ini, gw tunggu dvd-nya aja.

yoel | 20 February 2006 - 09:44 | reply

hmm, kayaknya kalo elo suka artsy martial arts movie kayak crouching tiger, hero atau flying dagger, malah mungkin elo ngga gitu suka yang ini. fearless itu traditional martial art movie banget… kalo elo suka Once Upon a Time in China, elo pasti suka yang ini :)

thalia | 20 February 2006 - 11:38 | reply