~ michael + julie + koda ~

11 February 2006
koda basking

after about a month without bath, today Koda finally hit the shower. ari and i were amazed that she behaved very well in the shower. she stayed put, she lifts her feet when asked… all the sudden, she was the easiest dog to bathe! when did this start?

the drying process was rather easy too. she didn’t stay put as much as during the shower time when we turned on the hair dryer, but it was manageable. in between the drying time, she would bask in the sun. oh, i’m so proud of my Koda!

anyways, other than bathing Koda, i also added two more Farm members: Michael and Julie.

Michael     Julie

i tried to do remake of the older stuff i’ve done, to remind myself of the pattern. Julie turned out to be slightly fatter than Mathilda, and Michael ends up having 6 tentacles… one extra tentacle compare to his buddies Pentako and Iidako, but still two tentacles short of the real octopus.