~ Dennis ~

22 December 2005

i finished Dennis a while ago, but didn’t give him a scarf until a few days ago. since Dennis is going to Japan with us (he’s going to live in Fukuoka)… and traveling in the winter, i thought having a scarf would be fitting for him.

anyways, Dennis is not my original pattern. a few weeks ago, i finally gave in and bought my first amigurumi book from Kinokuniya. i got Dennis pattern from there. when ari saw the picture, he begged me to make one… (i think ari likes cute chubby things). i don’t really want to sell things that i don’t design, so Dennis is now a gift for a friend in Japan… i think he will enjoy living in Japan.

~ comment (4) ~

cute Dennis, he will meet Jessi (or aunt Jessi) then.
Have a nice trip to all of you.

Mimi | 22 December 2005 - 10:23 | reply

thank you :) the trip was awesome! and dennis has arrived safely, yay!

thalia | 4 January 2006 - 03:06 | reply

Your dennis is delightful and precious
I love the scarf
he will make a very special gift
I visited your site from Little purl of the orient and I viewed some of your photos
I especially liked those of your wedding
your white house is fantastic
It has many nice features and is a very interesting house. I hope that you are enjoying your home.
I live in gaithersburg, Maryland, USA and it was so nice to be able to view your new home and to get an idea of what type houses are being built in your country
really some features are not much different from what is built here, like high ceilings, and lots of windows, and I love a door in the kitchen.
I was wondering what colors you used in decorating, any thing goes with white
we also have a lot of white in newly built homes
thanks for sharing your interesting photos bella

Bella Marie DeRose | 23 December 2005 - 11:09 | reply

hi bella, thanks for the sweet comments. i used to work in, i think, Gaithersburg for a short time (two months). someday, i’d love to visit :)

we mostly use natural and earthy colors for the house, because most of our furnitures and carpets are those colors. it also goes well with the plants, hehe.

thalia | 4 January 2006 - 03:11 | reply