~ Ami & Jorge ~

11 December 2005
Ami & Jorge

my two latest Farm members: Ami and Jorge.

Ami is my new favorite. she’s so cute! i tried to replicate her on to Jorge, but for some reasons, the cuteness didn’t transfer… i think Jorge’s snout is too large. or something. i just found out that it’s hard to make a replica of amigurumi type of stuff… i can’t make them looking exactly the same, even if i wanted to.

anyways, they’re not that new. they’ve been sitting in the box for a while, nameless… that was the reason why i haven’t put them up on the site. ari was too busy to name and make stories for them.

~ comment (2) ~

ouch! i wanna grab one of them.
yeah, the nose is a lil bit too large. but I like Jorge’s color -he’s the one with grey ear, isn’t he?-
while ami’s looks like my old fashioned doll :)

kutu | 12 December 2005 - 01:08 | reply

really? i actually prefer Ami’s colors. but then again, she’s my favorite. so i like eeeeeeverything about her :P

thalia | 12 December 2005 - 05:59 | reply