~ half a year old! ~

20 November 2005

today, koda turns half a year old. pretty important milestone, methinks. so we celebrated by giving her two cans of those gourmet dog food that looks like liver patè and smell so damn good. she loves the stuff and kept asking for more.

soon, she’s going to have her first period… and that also means, spaying is on its way… :)

6th monthKoda, one day before her 6th month birthday at the Singapore’s Botanical Garden.

let’s do the list stuff, like usual:

…her ears are huuuge, we sometimes call her Yoda instead of Koda.

…she had her first bee sting yesterday. ow!

…she is teething and blood is everywhere. on the carpet, on her rawhide sticks, on her fur… since all her teeth are either wobbly, gone or not fully there yet, she has stopped chewing on her rawhide sticks all together. she also doesn’t enjoy playing fetch with her red ball as much. those activities usually ends up with her losing her one or two of her teeth, or at least, having a mouthful of blood.


…she starts sleeping in our room.

…she’s getting a lot stronger than she used to be. i guess this is an improvement, although i once got a chest cramp from her pulling on her leash. geez, i thought i had a heart attack and was going to die. chest cramp is painful, eh?

…when we walk, she’s much more controllable. and she doesn’t pull on her leash as much as previous months.

…we can talk to her! i mean, almost like a conversation… when we talk to her, she would sit and pay attention.

deterioration (hehe):

…she goes crazy around strangers (who smiles and approach her) and other dogs. she jumps on people’s face. she chews on hands. she whines if she doesn’t get to play with them… but i mean, who would want to play with a crazy dog who jumps and chews on them!? silly koda.

…good lord, she chews on everything when we leave the house. she NEVER was a chewer and all our stuff are safe, even when we leave the house for over 5 hours. but now, all that good behavior goes out of the door… yesterday, she started chewing on my converse-like shoes, right in front of my eyes…

…she’s moody. i guess that’s what happen when she’s teething and approaching adolescence all at once. she’s currently is in an awkward stage of a puppy who wants to play with older dogs, but other dogs think she’s too hyperactive and annoying. poor little koda… i promise, in a next month or two (or five?), things will get a little better.

i heard, 6-month puppy are usually hyperactive and moody. so i guess koda is just in that phase. i think i would be moody too if i loosing my teeth, can’t play with my toys without resulting mouthful of blood, and about to have my period.

~ comment (4) ~

I think Koda is experiencing separation anxiety which also strikes 6mo baby.

BTW the gourmet dog food really sounds good, i wanna try it myself!

Rani | 22 November 2005 - 04:36 | reply

yeah, she’s definitely having that separation anxiety thing, judging from the two destroyed umbrellas when we were away.

i haven’t tried the gourmet dog food, but other dog food tastes bland. they smell very yummy, but since they don’t put any salt on it, the taste is kinda dissapointing.

thalia | 23 November 2005 - 02:30 | reply

Spaying?? You mean there won’t be any baby Kodas?

Bellamy | 23 November 2005 - 01:56 | reply

nope. never. i’m not planning to become a dog breeder… hehehe.

thalia | 23 November 2005 - 02:31 | reply