~ Koda at Botanical Garden ~

06 November 2005
Koda @ Singapore's Botanical Garden

today, we took Koda to the Singapore’s Botanical Garden. ari and i have been there before, and we saw people walking and having a little picnic with their dogs. so, we thought it would be a good place to introduce Koda to a bigger patch of grass…

ari’s mom cooked Soto Betawi for lunch, so Oscar (ari’s cousin) came by for the yummy lunch and ended up tagging along to the Garden.

Koda @ Singapore's Botanical Garden
since we don’t have a car, we had to call a taxi and specify that we would bring a 5-month puppy with us in a car. there are a few taxi drivers who wouldn’t mind taking dog in their cab, as long as they don’t sit on the seat.

it was Koda’s second time being in a car since we got her. the first time was when we took her from the shelter to our house. we were quite impressed on how well she behaved when she was in the car.

Koda @ Singapore's Botanical Garden
while ari’s parents and Oscar went into the Orchid Garden (they don’t allow dogs there), we walked around the Botanical Garden. at the beginning, Koda was a little overwhelmed by the vastness of the area… she has never seen a patch of grass that large. she wouldn’t walk far from us and she refrained from running. and the band that was playing was kinda loud, which made her more nervous and jittery. she even got scared over water… weird dog.

but about an hour or two later, she decided that she’s quite comfortable with this place… and she got ecstatic! she jumped, ran, sat, and tried to play with other dogs. the 15-feet retractable leash quickly became too short. and the whole scared-of-water thing went out of the window. she almost fell into one of the ponds there…

Koda @ Singapore's Botanical Garden
most of the grassy areas are a little muddy, because we had a rainy morning. so, Koda was practically covered in mud from falling over and rolling around on the grass.

it was our first time taking Koda to a place outside of our walking distance. so, we were a little nervous… we brought everything that we think Koda would need — a bottle of water, a bowl for her to drink, her toys, a few plastic bags in case she decided to release herself there… — but we forgot my cellphone and our digital camera!! what the hell were we thinking!? so, we ended up taking most of the pictures using ari’s temporary phone (it’s temporary, because a client lent it to us for work purposes)… and the quality is, well, not up to par…

but we made a photo album of the trip anyway… it’s still captionless, though.

~ comment (4) ~

glad to hear koda was well behaved during her first trip to the botanical garden. i’ve been there too, love that place. kupingnya koda udah naik yach thal dua2xnya? she looks longer now. ah..jadi pengen deh punya anjing, bisa dibawa kemana2x. tapi punya 2 kucing aja udah repot bersihin.

novs | 9 November 2005 - 01:31 | reply

yep, her ears are no longer lopsided, yay! beberapa hari setelah ultahnya dia, tiba2 kupingnya berdiri sendiri… sekarang, kupingnya jadi oversized banget, dibandingin ama kepalanya… hehe.

thalia | 9 November 2005 - 10:54 | reply

the waterfall photo is really nice, you literally make the water freeze in the air.

Rani | 9 November 2005 - 10:50 | reply

i guess the camera phone isn’t so bad afterall… :)

thalia | 10 November 2005 - 05:45 | reply