~ trick or treat ~

31 October 2005

a few days ago, we got a paper from the housing management, telling us that they’re going to have a Trick or Treat on the 29th of October. if we wanted to participate, we should let them know.

so we did.

we decorated our house with lots and lots of fake spiderweb, which came with 5 little spiders (so cute!). we carved a Jack-o-Lantern. and had a few corn and smaller pumpkins. it’s been a while since i did Halloween decorations.

so, two nights ago, troops of little monsters, aliens, ghosts and ghouls came over and asked for candies… so cute! so fun! i didn’t know that Trick or Treat fun would happen here in Singapore…

trick or treat '05

~ comment (2) ~

wow! looks like singapore is fully embracing the halloween traditions! reminds me of my own childhood, trick or treating and getting lots of loot for my sweet tooth!

the children look really cute!

yasmina | 1 November 2005 - 11:48 | reply

i’m not sure if the rest of Singapore do embrace the Halloween tradition. it might just be around the area where i live, because there are a lot of europeans and americans living here.

but that’s why i like it here. fun fun fun!

thalia | 2 November 2005 - 03:00 | reply