~ pumpkin + koda drawing ~

28 October 2005

it’s about time, and the Trick or Treat night is tomorrow (scheduled by the neighborhood committee)! after having it sitting on our backyard, we finally carved our little pumpkin! yay!

pumpkin 1

nothing too complicated. we’re too inexperienced to venture to the bold design pumpkin carving…

ari is addicted. so, if we have time, we might buy larger pumpkin tomorrow for his project… (although i doubt that we would have time. we might have to wait until next year…).

on a totally unrelated topic, i tried to draw Koda. it’s unfinished, and just like all my other drawings, this one is probably left unfinished forever…


~ comment (2) ~

great drawing of koda… wish i could draw like that!

halloween bukannya tgl 31 oct ya? isi jack-o-lanternnya diapain, dijadikan pumpkin soup?

yasmina | 28 October 2005 - 10:03 | reply

oops, salah tulis! maksudnya trick or treat night! revisi… revisi…

isi pumpkinnya dibuang, hehe. i don’t like pumpkins… soup, cake, etc.

thalia | 29 October 2005 - 12:01 | reply