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21 September 2005
grasshopper   grasshopper

yesterday, after bathing Koda, we found this fat and healthy grasshopper chewing on our small palm tree. it was a little larger than my thumb and was clinging on one of the leaves.

the grasshopper's victim

i was cleaning the backyard when i noticed that the palm tree looked horrible with most of its leaves chopped up. a few weeks ago, the tomato tree right next to it had a similar look and we found a small grasshopper living there. so, this time, i search for a grasshopper as well… the thing is, i didn’t notice the tree looked that rugged the day before…

but, when i found the culprit, i understand how the tree would lose its leaves that fast. the damn thing was fat!

well, we killed the green hopper and immediately bought an insecticide spray from a nearby supermarket. we’ve had small grasshopper, big grasshopper, tons and tons of snails (i found 12 snails on Koda’s toilet area yesterday), and a few caterpillar (the hairy ones). i think the insecticide spray is long overdue.

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hehe kaya oom2 yang senang daun muda :)

masindi | 22 September 2005 - 02:13 | reply

haha, bisa aja :P

thalia | 22 September 2005 - 03:03 | reply