~ 4th month ~

20 September 2005
koda 4

we got Koda from a shelter, so we don’t know her exact age and birthday. so, just like any other pets we have, we made up her birthday…

but we can’t pull random number out of our ass, so this is how the calculation go:

we got Koda one day before ari’s birthday, which is August 21st. the lady in the shelter and the vet told us, she’s about three months old. so, she was born some time in May. that makes it 21st of May… but since my birthday is on the 20th, we decided that the puppy’s birthday should be on the same day as me!

so, the 20th of May it is, yay!

that makes today is her 4th month in this world (approximately). that also means that she’s been with us for one day less than a month. let’s see how she has progressed…

…she has grown almost twice as long as a month ago.

…she has her own tag with her name, our address and ari’s cellphone number.

…she knows her name is Koda (or i think she is). she responds when called.

…she sits when is told.

…she comes over when we say “come here”… still a little iffy at times, though.

lopsided ears

…her right ear has stood up, but her left ear is still floppy.

…she would wait until we say “okay” before jump into her meal.

…she understands “stay”, but still a little iffy at times.

…she loves chasing her red ball, and very energetic when she plays with it.

…she follows us everywhere in the house, and would wait in front of the bathroom when we take shower.

…she’s addicted to rawhide.

…she’s completely toilet trained (yay!) and only do her jobs in one corner of her room or out in the grassy part of the backyard.

…she chases her own tail… :(

…in the past few days, she likes to straddle our feet when we’re sitting down… i wonder why.

…she sleeps at 11PM and wakes up at 7AM. no more crying in the middle of the night. big yay!

~ comment (10) ~

wah, toilet training buat anjing gimana caranya tuh Thal? sama kayak buat toddler? means, regularly dibawa ke “tempatnya” untuk buang air gitu?

yanti | 20 September 2005 - 04:42 | reply

iyaa :) sama persis. diatur jam makannya, biar jam pupi/pipisnya sama. jadi gampang nebak kapan musti ke WCnya.

thalia | 20 September 2005 - 10:15 | reply

Does it mean you both take a shower together - and that Koda can’t join you? hehehe.. good.. saves water. Koda is really smart ya, … Noe has not even toilet trained nor has he slept through the night. Noe still cry for milk twice at night.

Rani | 20 September 2005 - 05:37 | reply

haha! well, good thing that Koda never ask for my milk, during the night nor day…

thalia | 20 September 2005 - 10:17 | reply

You know what, Thal… I can’t be visiting your blog too often. Because… That really really really and really makes me want to get a dog… Hehehehehehehehe

Bellamy | 20 September 2005 - 10:04 | reply

aww, i’m losing visitors! :(

thalia | 20 September 2005 - 10:17 | reply

gemessss deh liat foto2xnya koda. he looks like a handsome naugty boy. which gang does he belong to? he3x…

arjuna & cinta (my cats) have to sleep outside of our bedroom since i’m fed up with their hair all over my bed. so they cried in the middle of the night and banged my door with their little paws for a whole week.

cinta chases her own tail too! silly!

novs | 21 September 2005 - 01:42 | reply

novs! koda is a she! hahaha… (although she looks so much a like a boy puppy, i often slip and call her a he as well :P )

ah, the fur is one thing that prevent her to sleep in our room as well. we got furballs everywhere, no matter how many times i swipe the floor!

thalia | 21 September 2005 - 10:14 | reply

So you have succeeded in toilet trainning Koda? congrats.
And she doesn’t cry in the middle of the night anymore? wonderful.
She has got much progress, means you both have done well.

mama | 21 September 2005 - 09:32 | reply

yay! thank you, ma. :)

thalia | 22 September 2005 - 09:00 | reply