~ the green chair ~

12 September 2005
newly painted green chair

the painted chair has dried within 24 hours. but it smelled like thinner. so we left it out for another 24 hour, which didn’t do much. we brought it in the next day (since it was about to rain anyway), hoping Koda won’t chew the chair and get sick from the smell… or the paint itself. she behaved. actually, she hasn’t chewed on our furnitures for over a week, which is a good thing.

we like the green and we’re quite satisfied with the way the IKEA paint settle on the wood. it’s not as smooth as a regular wood stain, but much lighter than a regular paint. it also has a slight sand-ish feel to it.

maybe, next time we visit IKEA, we’ll buy the white. maybe.

~ comment (2) ~

don’t you hate the humidity here? Your dining table is about to warp too… be careful… use some polyurethane sealant to close the pores so it won’t absorb too much moisture.

masindi | 12 September 2005 - 09:50 | reply

oh? yours too? we’re actually about to give up on that dining table. it’s so wavy that it’s hard to eat on that side of the table. once we find a nicer looking table, we’ll repaint and move it out to the backyard… :)

thalia | 12 September 2005 - 10:03 | reply