~ crab + chair ~

20 August 2005

we went to Sengkang to visit Rudy and Astuti and to pick up the swivel chair that Rudy was selling. the four of us ended up watching their wedding videos. they got married exactly a month before us, with a very similar set up: ROM in Singapore, and wedding party three months later in Indonesia. i guess that’s what newlyweds do… we watch each other’s wedding videos and flipped around each other’s wedding album…

for dinner, the four of us were going to Geylang to have some Durians (yep, that smelly fruit, which also one of our favorite fruits! yumm!). but the mistake was we went to the No Sign Board Seafood to grab dinner… and ended up having 2kg of Chili crab to finish… two kilos! two crabs! one female and one male.

chili crab

of course, after that, we got no more room for any type of desserts, even durian.

so we went home with tummy full of crab and a black comfy swivel chair. yay!