~ another pet hunting ~

19 August 2005

today, we visited another animal pound. this time is Pet Villa. it’s located on the other side of the country — on the east side, near Pasir Ris. since we live in Singapore, the other side of the country means 22 subway stops away.

those were a bunch of friendly pets! the cats gathers around your feet and start to rub as soon as you enter the gate. the dogs are lovely, they are very gentle and behaved.

ari and i liked a little black dog named Jen. however, it turns out that the dog was still has an owner. the owner moved to a small apartment and couldn’t keep Jen there. so she put Jen in Pet Villa, supplied her with food and everything, and would like to take her back when she move to a larger place.

aw, how disappointing.

we’re going back to Pet Villa on Sunday afternoon to see list of adoptable dogs and meet them. hopefully, we’ll find a pet then.