~ housewarming stuff ~

14 August 2005
BBQ invite

ow, i’m soooo tired today. we had a small housewarming party yesterday, where a few of ari’s friends came over to have barbecue. so, in the morning, we cleaned the house to make it look presentable (sweeping, wiping, etc, etc). we had home-made salsa, hotdogs and corn. of course there are some beers. Shawn brought some martini along as well. i was too much into barbecue-ing that i totally forgot taking pictures… no pictures! how sad is that?

this morning, we woke up with three cockroaches in the kitchen… we went straight to bed last night, so ants and cockroaches had late night party. eww! so, we cleaned, swiped, and disinfected the whole house all over again. we also bought the cockroach trap thingy.

in the afternoon, Rudy and Astuti came over and we had Mexican food… we were going to do barbecue again, but the grill is still wet from the wash. besides the weather was too hot for us to stay out and cook. the four of us walked home and bumped into Rani, Indi and little Noe, who later came over to our house as well. we ended up talking and watching our wedding DVD.