~ appliances (part 2) ~

22 July 2005
bedroom: mess...
our current bedroom

update on yesterday’s shopping list:

  • refrigerator done!
  • washing machine done!
  • mattress done!

yay! we’re done! we just got back from IKEA, and got ourselves a mattress with free delivery. no bed frame yet, though. they didn’t have enough selection there.

although it was very tempting, we refrained ourselves from buying more stuff. it was a good decision, though. IKEA was super crowded! you can’t walk without bumping to people, and we almost got run over by shopping cart a few times. the line on the taxi stand was going around and around…. and today is only Friday. i can’t imagine how packed it would be tomorrow.

ps: happy birthday, mom! and thank you… for everything. really.