~ blasts ~

07 July 2005

my eyes have been glued to the TV. honestly, there has been way too many explosions that anyone should tolerate in the past few years. this is ridiculous.

watching the London Blasts reminded me on the day of 9/11 when i was in NYC. i kept thinking where the next attack would be, which area i should avoid, how to get home without public transportation, what to do when mobile phones are useless,… all that horror and confusions.

it makes me angry that they intentionally target civilians and innocent people.

ari was away when i first heard of the news. so i started imagining (bad) things… how angry and sorrowful i would feel if my loved ones were in one of those tubes. why don’t they put themselves in the victims shoes, at least once, before they destroy people’s lives?

i guess it’s a rhetorical question.