~ Kampong Glam ~

17 June 2005
Kampong Glam 1

ari had a meeting with a client at Beach Road. and before going to the meeting, we walked around Kampong Glam, the old Malay settlement that just got renovated. about a month ago, Kampong Glam is on our list of “where to move next”. but after talking with a few shop-house owners, we quickly realized that the rent in that area is out of our budget. i guess, after the government renovated the whole settlement, the price is climbing up the chart.

Kampong Glam 2

Kampong Glam is very pretty and clean. Arab Street, the place where you can find any fabric, is also a part of the Kampong. the area near the mosque has become a tourist spot, where the little shops-houses sell all kinds of Malay goods. a few design companies are moving in that area as well. so… it’s pretty, but very commercial.

i have a little more pictures, not much, on the Kampong Glam album in the Photos area.