~ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ~

05 June 2005

the movie opened three days ago in Singapore. and we watched it this afternoon at Cathay. the place was a little crowded, but i think it’s quite a normal traffic for weekend at Orchard.

i haven’t read the books, not even one of the five-book “trilogy“… so i can’t give a decent review on this movie based on the book. but i think, it’s hilarious, clever and, in my opinion, creative and innovative.

it was like watching a space-age version of Monthy Python. the humor is very British. and ari seemed to enjoy it… i found him cracking up on his seat more than a few times.

the visual is beautiful. there were some breathtaking scenes in the movie (i personally love the whole planetary construction thing). if there is one thing i’d like to complain, it’s that the end of the movie is anti-climactic. other than that, i think the movie is very entertaining.

maybe i should start reading the books…