~ around the Club Street ~

24 May 2005

club street

yesterday, as ari and i walk around to buy those little Pinkies, we passed by Club Street down in the CBD area. we wanted to see the cute little shop-houses, since we’re aiming to live in one someday.

the CBD area is pretty much a dead town. the Raffles Station, which is usually packed with people, has only a few people passing by. Club Street was so empty, it’s ridiculous to see that many parking spaces available…

i’m liking the Club Street. it’s cute, clean, and pretty. it reminds me of Tokyo (maybe Shinjuku? tiny street between small houses that sorta stuck together) and San Francisco (except that this one is extra tiny… the area and the size of the houses). but of course, it’s a commercial area and the price is sky-high.

after walking around Club Street — it’s so small that we’re done walking around it in about half an hour… — we walked down to Amoy Street, where we came across this brittle temple.

brittle temple

it’s about to fall apart. or maybe it had started to. that’s why they tie it together with ropes and wooden planks. you can see the rest of the pictures we took that day (which is not much) in its photo album.

ps: check out the aseanist. ari and i designed and developed the site. it was the first time i touched WordPress blog engine. i’m glad i got a hang of it. pretty powerful engine!