~ 050505 ~

05 May 2005

today is a good date. 05-05-05. i thought it’s pretty cool.

today is also the first time i rode a car in singapore that isn’t a taxi cab. ari and i met up with Juliana — ari’s ex coworker from Ogilvy — for lunch around Plaza Singapura. all the sudden, it rained. it poured like cats and dogs. and it didn’t stop. it kept going until around 4:30, which is the time for all of us to go back and cook dinner…. since Juliana drove, she gave us lift and dropped us off at our apartment. she got a little Hyundai, which supposedly is one of the most economic car in Singapore. she got the leather seats for free, too. not bad, huh?

oh, and i found this photos on ari’s computer, taken a few weeks ago. this is pretty much how i look like on my working seat. i think i was doing an illustration when ari took the picture below. and, yeah, i do sit on the darkest corner of the apartment.