~ uncle had stroke ~

28 January 2005

i just got back from the Harapan Kita hospital. Noushka’s dad had stroke this afternoon, and was brought to the emergency unit there. the hospital was so full, that we had to wait about 9 hours to finally got a room around 10PM tonight.

even the emergency unit was packed. rooms with capacity of three people were filled with 4 or 5 people. the family of the patients were sleeping on the sidewalk outside of the emergency unit. there were just people…. scattered everywhere.

we were waiting there since afternoon, so we saw many different people come and go. one of the interesting patients was this one middle age guy who were carried from an SUV car by two people. the guy repeatedly yelled, “oxygen… OXYGEN!!”. he couldn’t walk straight, and his limbs flew left and right as the ER staff rushed over with a wheelchair and sat him there. he didn’t stop yelling, “oxygen… oxygen!!”, attracting everyone’s attention in the waiting room.

a few minutes later, one of my aunts came out with the continuation of the story… she said, she saw a guy, screaming and yelling… the ER crew stripped him naked and forced him to throw up, emptying his stomach. at one point, he even stopped breathing, that the ER crew had to shock him (with that machine that looks like two irons).

turned out that he ate too much durians. they pumped out a bucket full of his vomit, which is basically just durians…. wow! i wonder how many durians he ate that he could end up in such dangerous state…

anyways, about my uncle, he’s still sleeping. his left side of the body still numb, but at least he can start moving his fingers and his left leg slightly. it’s a good thing, right?

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i hope your uncle recovers and feels better soon. how is his family coping? my thoughts are with you.

p.s. the durian guy story was unusual! buset deh, sampe segitunya.

yasmina | 31 January 2005 - 05:38 | reply

semoga your uncle cepet sembuh.

yoel | 31 January 2005 - 09:25 | reply