~ wedding vs. natural disaster ~

30 December 2004

wedding got me unaware of anything else besides the wedding itself. i didn’t watch tv, i didn’t log on to the internet, i didn’t read the papers… so, i didn’t know about the tsunami until during the dinner, one of the guests told us that his friend is missing in Sri Lanka due to the tsunami. i felt so clueless…

in the past few days, the whole disaster things didn’t really hit us. we both are still in the newlywed mood — happy and cheery. the festive nature of Singapore’s Orchard Road didn’t help either. we felt so far removed from the disaster scenes, yet, geographical-wise, we’re so close. the only things that reminds us to it is the worry emails from far-away friends and aquaintance and headlines on the newspapers sold in newstands.

basically, all i want to say here is, it feels awkward to be newlyweds when the event almost coincides with one of the biggest natural disaster in the world struck my own homeland.