~ new watch + movie marathon ~

28 October 2004

i don’t know when i started to get wrapped into the Hagaren fandom, but last week was one hell of Hagaren hunting week.

this past saturday, i bought a new watch. the Hagaren watch. it came with the soundtrack CD, too.


the next day, on Sunday, Ditha and i went to Mangga Dua along with Noush and Imel to search for Hagaren DVDs. they ran out of it. after going up and down the mall, we finally found a store with the VCDs. however, they don’t have volume 6 (the whole series consists of 13 volumes). we thought, ah, that’s okay. we’ll look for volume 6 somewhere else.

so, Ditha called Kenop (the store in Blok M Plaza) and ordered the 6th volume. they said they’ll have it on Monday.

on Monday, we were excited… can’t wait to have the movie marathon tonight. we knew most of the stories, because we follow the manga, which is up to volume 8 (and hasn’t ended). but after finding out that the anime has ended, we HAD to find out the end ASAP. we talked and talked about it the night before… and the hype within us built up… soooo excited and we coudn’t wait!

we got to Kenop only to find bad news: they left the CD in their house. so, no hagaren tonight. ack! i hate when this happen… after all the hype, excitement and curiousity… argh.

we called a other places to find out if they have Volume 6 in stock and a few friends to see if they have it in their house at this moment… but those didn’t get us anywhere. most of them said they’ll have it tomorrow or their houses are located beyond our knowledge. after about two hours of trying, we gave up and thought might as well wait for Kenop, hoping they don’t forget and leave the CD at their home tomorrow.

well, the next day, the guy who’s in charge of the CD was sick. so, again, no Hagaren tonight.

it’s Thursday. yesterday, we finally got a hold of Volume 6. Ditha, Joi and i had a Hagaren Marathon night at my house and finished the whole series. Joi had to leave in the middle because he had to go to school in the morning. so, thank god for the jobless status, Ditha and i went to bed at 6 in the morning… after a non-stop hours of Hagaren. even though there are some minor glitches — like one corrupted CD, but we found a way to watch it: on my laptop computer — it’s quite satisfying. now, we now can’t wait for the movie to come out.