~ pink star little bag ~

20 October 2004

the bag

yesterday, i finished my latest crochet bag. on Friday, Ditha and i went yarn shopping and we ended up buying a crochet motif book. since then, we’ve been trying out the patterns. after making a few of them, i decided to stick with one pattern and ended up making this bag.

that's me, modelling. erm.
hmm, a little out of focus. couldn’t keep the camera still. but it gives the idea of the size.

the bag is pretty small — 18cm X 18cm — and that size is quite useless to me since i carry a lot of things when i go out. but i thought it was pretty… hehe. other than that, i didn’t really like the color i chose, so i wanted to get the project over with as soon as possible. if i made a larger piece, it’ll take longer…

i thought of putting a fabring lining on the inside of the bag to prevent small things falling from the bag, especially since the bag is kinda… holey. but since i probably end up wearing this bag as an accesorries instead of a utility, i put that thought in the backburner. besides, i don’t have any fabric laying around.