~ puni ~

24 July 2004

pundu is left-handed. many books and articles mention that being left-handed indicates that the right side of the brain is more active. that’s the creative side. that means, pundu is actually a creative being.

unfortunately, he can’t speak human language. the shape of his mouth, the lack of teeth, unflexible tongue and his short voice chord do not give him the ability to pronounce human words. much like the regular animals.

this makes me wonder… maybe he’s actually very creative and smart. maybe he’s a genius. if he was able to communicate, he will be one of the top designers or artists in the world. if he was able to communicate, he’d be invited to give lectures in universities and conferences. if he was able to communicate…

inability to express the thoughts into words might lead to missunderstanding, taken as a wrong ideas, or even worse, inability to accomplish anything. i guess, being articulated is one of the key aspect of success.