~ Dodgeball, sit-ups and Jan-Ken-Pon. ~

04 October 2004

yesterday was an exhausting day… i’m physically beaten. in the morning, i taught Fenny (and myself again) a sit up exercise that i haven’t been practising for over 3 years. it seems like everytime Fenny stay over my house, we end up discussing tips and tricks on how to make our tummy look more flat. hmm…

then, we both went to Noushka’s house to watch Dodgeball. i’ve been wanting to watch this movie ever since i saw the trailer. so, when Noush and Ditha told me that they bought bought to DVD a few days ago, i went YAY! they’ve been waiting for me to come over so that we all can watch — and laugh — together (sorry Ari! i know you want to see the movie too… ). well, the movie was funny, although i still think Zoolander is better. maybe it’s just a matter of preferrence, but i don’t think there is anything new in the movie. the slapstick was hillarious, but that’s about it.

then the four of us went to Pasar Tebet to buy some comics and sandals. since the store we wanted to go was closed, we ended up going to Ambasador Mall, had dinner and bought more than just comics (well, we didn’t find the sandals, but Ditha and Fenny got some clothes instead).

after dropping Fenny home — she brought along a suitcase of her clothes that i brought from Australia — Noush, Ditha and i decided to try out Mini Moni’s Jan-Ken-Pon dance (no no, i’m not a fan of the group… but Noush has been constantly feeding everyone around her with MM’s videos… and their tunes is catchy. so trying out their dance moves is, of course, bound to happen).

it was almost midnight when we started to jump around and swing our hands and legs here and there for two hours. i haven’t done this kinda thing since, well, since i was still in junior high. i think it was either Madonna or Janet Jackson… anyways, if you’ve seen the video or the concert, you know what we’re talking about… it felt like we just went through a very tough aerobic class! it’s amazing that these 15 year old kids have the stamina to jump around the whole concert. and they memorize all the moves too! maybe we were all just out of shape, but good god… i haven’t been sweating that much for a loooong time.

today, my stomach is so sore that it’s painful to laugh. and my right arm can’t swing a full circle. maybe i should skip the sit-ups and buy J-pop video clip instead…

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Before she went home that day, Thalia suggested that we should do this dancing thingy regularly :) It was a really great idea for us - 2 lazy heavy smokers and 1 less lazy passive smoker. My legs are still sore until now tho :(

noushka | 5 October 2004 - 07:48 | reply

yeah, so when is the next session?

thalia | 6 October 2004 - 06:12 | reply

after I’ve got a sit up, My stomach is still sore until now Help me…

Fenny | 6 October 2004 - 02:22 | reply

How about this weekend either Saturday or Sunday? Probably we should ask more people to join us :)

noushka | 6 October 2004 - 07:32 | reply