~ Saikano ~

23 September 2004

i bawled over Saikano manga. wow. i think the last time i cried that much over some fictional story was when i watched Dancer in the Dark. and today, i cried my heart out over a story in a comic book…


at the beginning, it was just a little teary eye… as i went further, i started crying to the point that i had to put down the book and finish up my crying before i could continue reading. i walked into the bathroom, grabbed some tissues, cleaned my face and sat back in front of the TV. i turned the page only to find out that the story got even more sad and painful… boohoohoo~~ … i had to go back and forth to the bathroom while reading the book, because the tears got in a way of reading. and this is only the first volume!

i think i’m getting more sappy as i grow older. heh.