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21 September 2004

ah, it’s been a while. i neglected this site for almost three months. as usual, i lost interest in this site, which i’m sure will come up again sometime in the future. a month ago, the scrapbook took most of my time… you know how they say, the new toy gets all of the attention.

i’m in Singapore right now. and i’m wondering if Jakarta has been raining lately or not. i left Jakarta 4 days ago, and the city was so dried up. i couldn’t remember when was the last time we had rain. the grass along the sidewalks has turned yellow and crispy. how sad.

here in Singapore, on the other hand, has been raining a little too much. i didn’t bring an umbrella with me, so it’s been annoying to go out and buy groceries. or a bottle of nutella. or the bra i’ve been looking for… ah whatever.

i’m just hoping it won’t be raining tomorrow, so i can do a little home shopping for ari.

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hi.. welcome back
apakabar ari. salam dari aku ya

godote | 22 September 2004 - 02:50 | reply