~ glenferry fair ~

02 May 2004

we had a street fair in our area, i guess since it was May First yesterday.


my mom said that it’s an annual event, and there are usually tons of good food and kiddy rides. so, we decided to join the party, since it’s only 2 minutes away from home (by foot). i brought my camera with me, although i forgot to charge my battery beforehand. what happened was it went dead after the 6th picture. how sad…

even more sad was the weather. it was cloudy and grey in the morning. the afternoon was even worse; it was raining with howling wind. so, the fair, which didn’t have that many visitors (due to the messed up weather) to begin with, ended very early.

but check out the mini-farm below. there are little pig, cows, sheep, bunnies and chickens to feed, pet and hold. the kids love it! and i wish i was still a kid.



and i just have to take this picture… the slide is awesome. see the girl on the top?

the title of the ride is kinda weird, no?

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I guess it refers to Bozo The Clown… http://www.toonopedia.com/bozo.htm

avianto | 3 May 2004 - 06:30 | reply