~ PMS Cramp Reducer ~

23 April 2004

these are the stuff i’ve done, hoping that they would reduce the pain of my stomach cramp… (yeah, girly stuff).

  1. take a medicine. well, doen this a few times, but it seems that most of the drugs i took didn’t have any effect in reducing the pain. might as well do something else.
  2. read comics (or books, if you prefer)… it distracts me from the pain. it works for less severe pain.
  3. play video games. this doesn’t work as well as reading, though.
  4. knit hats. or bags. or anything. just knit. — i just tried this tonight. i can’t conclude whether it’s effective or not. give me a few more days to try it out.
  5. having chat with people. doesn’t work very well either.
  6. sleep. this actually does not work at all, cause the pain wakes me up.
  7. take shower. hot shower is goooood. pain is gone!

these are the stuff that i can think of on the top of my head. can’t you tell that i’m having cramp right now, and i’m trying to distract myself by writing this entry?

… i’m tired. i’m going to bed now.