~ friendster’s dilemma ~

06 March 2004

friendster agitates me. it was fun at the beginning, but these days, for some reason i view it as a popularity contest. i’m losing and i’m a sore loser.

you see, the first time i signed up, i didn’t think of it as a big deal — oh, this reminds me of… whachamacullit? oh, sixdegrees (remember that site?). i thought it was kinda boring. but why not give it a try?

then, i found something neat about friendster. i could find long lost friends, childhood crushes, people who bullied me and people i bullied. how cool is that?

so, i browsed through many people’s profiles, hoping that i would find the kids i used to share lunch with when i was in kindergarten, or the boys i stalked when i was in junior highschool, thinking that it was love…. but then, i realized that i didn’t have that many long lost friends nor childhood crushes. either they’re computer illiterate and never get to registered on friendster, or i’m just unpopular. i went with the first for a while, but lately, the later started to creep in to the reality. eek.