~ the hospital trip + ramanda’s b’day ~

24 February 2004

*yawn*… it’s 1 PM and i’m still sleepy.

so, about last night… my dad hasn’t been feeling well. he said that the muscles around his neck and shoulder are sore and a little bit hurting, causing a lack of sleep. so he decided to check his blood pressure — he said whenever his blood pressure goes up, his neck muscles becomes tense. and he was right, his blood pressure was 109 for the low and 177 for the high.

we got worried, so we went to the nearby emergency clinic, hoping that we would get some medicine to lower the blood pressure. well, yesterday was a holiday and with the addition of degue fever outbreak in Indonesia, the clinic was totally packed. there were so many emergency calls for fiverish kids.

so, around 11PM, my dad decided to go to Siloam Gleneagle Hospital — Karawaci, which is not in Jakarta. so i ended up driving him up there, where he was admitted into the hospital after a few tests, and drove back to Jakarta. the hospidal smells good and wasn’t crowded, and the nurses and doctorts are nice. it’s just a loooong drive to get there.

that’s why i’m still sleepy, i guess.

… anyways, it’s ramanda’s birthday. happy birthday, bro!

yeah, it's an old photo, but still cool regardless.

wish you the best in this monkey year, since you’re a monkey to begin with. and i really wanna see the movie animation you created. so, hurry up and graduate so you can go home and bring all those cool stuff here.