~ a letter to santa ~

09 December 2003

dear santa,

it’s been a while since i wrote you a letter asking for a christmas present. the last time i did this i think when i was still in first or second grade. after that, i never really cared about what i get on christmas, as long as i get something. lots of something.

these days, i don’t get real christmas present placed underneath a christmas tree that often. maybe once in 5 years or so. this time, though, i really want something from you, santa…

it’s not something expensive. it’s not even tangible. and i haven’t been able to ask my parents to get it for me. for some reason, my dad doesn’t seem to be able to afford it.

if possible, i would like my dad’s blessings for my marriage. it doesn’t need to be nicely wrapped.

thank you in advance,