~ LJ invite code is gone ~

14 December 2003

i’m a few days late on this, but you no longer need invite codes to sign up for LiveJournal (if you don’t get what i said, don’t worry about it).

i’ve been reading some of the posts and responses to the policy change. some people are pro, some are con. as for me? i am indifference. maybe because i’m pretty much a newbie there (joined a little over a year ago). or maybe because i’m on paid account, so this changes do not affect me whatsoever. or maybe because all my entries are hidden anyway.

one thing that makes me lean towards the right side of the argument is: there is a talk that we may exchange the invite codes for something. if that something is where i can exchange it for a paid time, it would work for my advantage. other than that, anything goes.

anyways, if you’ve been wanting to have LJ account, go get it. it’s not only free, but it has tons of cool features that, there are a few times, i almost moved this journal there.