~ once-in-a-lifetime storm ~

04 December 2003

two nights ago, melbourne was hit by a huuuuuge hailstorm and loads of rain. two of my cubicle mates are out of the office yesterday, because their ceiling is about to fall off.

the hail cracks the roof, the rain water leak though… it was quite a catastrophe.

fortunately, i live on the edge of the storm, so my house is okay. i even slept though the storm, not realizing there was a constant thunder for about an hour or more. Daisy, the bunny, is less fortunate. he sleeps outside. he was completely soaked. his bedding was all wet, the inside of the hut has about 2 inches of water. and the dry food is no longer dry… it became a lump of soggy puree. yuck!

the worst part for Daisy is, since i slept through the storm, i didn’t realize how much damage it could affect the rabbit. before i left for work in the morning, i peeked and saw that he was just a little wet. i thought the sun will dry him up. so i only changed his food and water.

once i got to the office, i realized how bad the storm was. i spent the day worrying about the bunny. i thought he’s going to be sick and have fever from being in the cold all day.

poor guy. i think he was a little bit pissed at me for leaving him cold. he kept kicking the mud and wet bedding towards me when i dried and cleaned up his cage in the evening after. and all i can do is try to explain to him that he’s quite lucky compare to the rest of the city’s damage.