~ sleeping secret ~

02 December 2003

how do you sleep? sideways? facing up? belly down? curling? according to an article in BBC News, i sleep in a Foetus position, the most common position.

most popular sleeping position
picture taken from BBC website.

that also means, i am “tough on the outside but sensitive at heart“…. tee hee! it’s like those personality tests in emode. so, i always fall asleep in that foetus position, but always waking up in the Starfish position… what does that mean to my personality? maybe i’m also a good-but-sensitive friend who looks tough and dislike being a center of attention.

so, what’s your sleeping position?

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I think my sleeping position changes along with the season… during winter, it’s nice to sleep with Foetus position but summer, I’d prefer Soldier.

felisha | 2 December 2003 - 03:48 | reply

yeah, i thought i changed position based on season, but turned out that i don’t. i curl whether it’s hot or cold.

thalia | 3 December 2003 - 06:40 | reply

I’m so totally a freefaller. And, apparently, “gregarious and brash, thin-skinned and nervy” and I don’t like criticism.


Gina | 2 December 2003 - 09:57 | reply

but your digestion system is very healthy! :D

thalia | 3 December 2003 - 06:38 | reply

I’m definitely a free-styler and a sheet-messer. I go to bed with my favorite position , freefaller, or sometimes a modified starfish, i.e with legs folded like cross-legged sitting. As my sleep stage changes, I turn and twist and roll, toss the pillows and the blanket on to the floor. And the diagnose is?

umar | 3 December 2003 - 04:04 | reply

hehehe, i think you might fall into the “freefaller” category, since i’m sure i move a lot when i sleep. and i do that “modified starfish” thing, too! :)

thalia | 4 December 2003 - 07:16 | reply