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19 November 2003

if you read feli’s comment on the last entry, you know a few days ago, there was some issue on blogrolling, a service i use to generate my linkydink list. at some point, my link list (and hundreds other link lists) look like this:

(image stolen from feli’s livejournal)

i thought it was a hack, maybe some porn company trying to gain visitors, or something. but it wasn’t. it was just a one in a million chance that a user tapped into a critical bug. i thought it was neat… as long as it doesn’t happen to me.

speaking about porn sites and stuff they do to get traffic, check this article regarding porn sites hiding behind blogs. amazing how far they’d go… so, godote, i think that’s explain one of your strange refferers…

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I dig it now

godote | 20 November 2003 - 07:17 | reply