~ yell practice 1 ~

20 October 2003

i arrived in Jakarta this afternoon, waited for Fenny to get to my house, and around 6 in the evening we both went to Chilli’s house. the plan is to learn the song and the moves for the Kuis Siapa Berani Sekali yell. remember this?

the story behind this quiz is the family of my mom’s cousin, the Ngantung, won the second place for the yell a few months ago on the Kuis Siapa Berani. if you have been a winner, there is a chance for you to be called for Kuis Siapa Berani Sekali, which is on air every Friday. there, the winners compete for higher prizes.

well, the Ngantung was called. unfortunatelly, most of the family members have either moved out of Jakarta or sick. so, they looked for extended family members who would like to disguised as the Ngantung.

that’s what i am. a cousin’s daughter, not even fully Manado… acting as a Ngantung. Fenny is even worse. she’s my brother’s girlfriend, not even blood related.

anyways, the practice didn’t last too long. Nao and Chilli taught us the song, and we couldn’t even get it. the dance was even worse. so, after about half an hour, we gave up and decided to play Paraparaparadise.