~ LOTR: Return of the King ~

02 October 2003

i actually did finish the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King book, like i mentioned in the last entry. i haven’t read the appendix — which takes about 1/5 of the book. i have a few comments, but if you don’t want spoiler for the movie, please do not continue reading.

  1. for me, the book was hard to read. especially the first chapter. it took me 3 months to read the first chapter. i kept falling asleep!
  2. but after the first chapter, the story is very intense. the first half of the book was the war. i couldn’t stop reading until the book two started (which is the Frodo story).
  3. when a few protagonist died unexpectedly, i couldn’t believe it, so i kept reading the same pages over and over again.
  4. to go on to book two, it took me another 2 weeks. Frodo story was kinda slow. it’s also extremely depressing.
  5. i thought Sam rocks. especially on the journey down from the Tower of Cirith Ungol to Mordor.
  6. i’m curious whether the Shire story at the end of the book will be portrayed on the movie. considering the first movie didn’t include the story of Tom Bombadill at all, it is possible that it will not be included.
  7. i kinda think the end of the book is sad. i didn’t want to let go, i guess.
  8. i still don’t understand what happen with the rest of the rings. especially those 3 rings that belongs to Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel. do they lose the power? if they do, what does that mean anyway?