~ story of hectic weekend ~

17 March 2003

the past few days has been extremely hectic. starting on thursday night, when my dad recevied a call notifying that his mom had somekind of heart attack and currently in a hospital. he rushed to call a cab to take him to Bandung, a city about 3 hours away from Jakarta. he left around midnight.

on friday night, his office had a party to celebrate a launch of one of the product. i went. many of my relatives came, too. even them who currently live out of Indonesia. the party starts around 5:30 PM and ends around 11 at night…. during the party, i called the cab company to reserve a cab to Bandung. i went home to pack.

at 3 in the morning (saturday), the cab came, and there i went to Bandung. i tried to sleep in the car, but the AC was so damn cold and the driver played loud music. in the middle of trying to sleep, my dad called that he’s in a hotel room and i could stop by to clean myself and get a breakfast. i had about 1/2 an hour sleep once i get to hotel in Bandung, while waiting for my dad to finish his shower. we immediately went to the hospital to see my grandma. she looked tired. and she talked a lot.

later on my other relatives started to show up. the people i met in the last ngiht party was on the way to the hospital when i left for my train. i left the hospital around 12:30pm to catch a train to go back to Jakarta. i slept most of the time in the train while listening to my iPod. i was extremely tired… it took me a while to get to cab to take me home, but once i get home, i rested for about half an hour, then tried to find a decent clothing to go to Jessy (ari’s sister) brithday party. i think, it took me about 2 hours to get dressed because i couldn’t find a satisfying outfit to wear. i think it’s because lack of sleep and exhaustion has started to creep in… i put a lot of make up tried to cover up my racoon eyes.

the party was cute. highschool kids are funny. 20+ of jessy’s friend showed up although i spent most of my time with ari and his family. the party ends at 10:30 in the evening. as i arrived back at my house, i checked my email, talked to ari on the phone for only 2 minutes and crashed in my bed, didn’t wake up til 2pm on sunday…. i was soooo exhausted.