~ site tweak ~

28 September 2003

i did a little work on this site. it’s so little, it’s probably unnoticable.

  • i created small headers for some of the stuff on the sidebar. i just realized that the font i used for this site isn’t available on my new laptop. *note to self: need to transfer all fonts from the old laptop to the new one*
  • i fixed the search page. now the template looks normal.
  • i also fixed the footer (didn’t notice it was broken until two days ago). but i still don’t know how it’s going to look like on other browser besides IE. it’s prolly look like crap again. *sigh*
  • i added the ensiklonesia (check it out! it’s on the sidebar, below the links). i’ve been wanting to do this, but at that time, the design of the site did not allow me to have sidebar. they have pretty interesting random facts.
other than these stuff, my mom and i are starting a little project: making a sleeve protector for my laptop. let’s see how it goes in the next few days. right now, this is how the floor in the dining room look like:

(i know, bad photo)